Frequently asked questions

What is the role of a Notary Public?
  • As an honoured member of legal professionals; commissioned for their life by the Supreme Court of British Columbia.
  • A Notary Public specializes in preparing financial & legal documents that define and protect your interests; providing legal protection of authenticity for your documents.
Why should I have a Will?
  • Any adult in British Columbia; who owns property including real estate, or other assets; has a spouse or children must have a Will.
  • A Will directs the distribution of your assets and liabilities according to your wishes and ensures that your loved ones (beneficiaries) will receive your assets as per your wishes.
  • If you have minor children you must appoint a Guardian for your children in a Will; who in times of unforeseen eventualities like sudden death or critical illness would ensure that your children and their rightful claims are well looked after until they are of legal age, avoiding all confusion, stress and hassle with legalities.
How much do you charge?

The amount we charge will vary from service to service, which is dependent upon what you need-please call or email for a quote.

What should I bring as my identification for notarization?

Please bring two pieces of Valid Identification for all services:

  • One piece must have a photograph, such as; Valid Passport or Valid Driver Licence
  • Second piece could be your; Care Card or Major Credit Card with your name on it.